What caught your eye this week? (Chip Spring, Diamond buffers, Satellite hacking)

David Manners, components editor

Will this come to be seen as the first Swallow of a chip spring as GPU ASPs take a dive and the industry wonders if CPUs and memories will follow suit?

Steve Bush, technology editor
No sooner had a written about diamond buffers, I came across an example within the output stage of the LM6181 100mA 100MHz current feedback amplifier (pictured), drawn in National Semiconductor app note AN840.

I can’t help thinking that the current limit transistors should have been drawn in a better place….

Alun Williams, Web editor

The AFRL’s third annual Space Security Challenge: Hack-A-Sat. It’s a satellite hacking competition – using digital twin software – that encourages security researchers to focus their skills on solving the cybersecurity challenges of space systems.

Apparently, Hack-A-Sat 4 may involve an actual satellite out in space, if the Moonlighter mission launches successfully in 2023…

What caught your eye this last week? Let us know via the comments below.

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