VIAVI tester for Rakuten O-vRAN network

The principal objective is to maximize resolution of any issues in the lab in order to accelerate deployment at scale, and it has been designed to simulate a citywide network.

 O-RAN is taking off with almost 100 service providers and vendors participated in the most recent O-RAN Global PlugFest.

As its technology moves from the lab into the field, Rakuten Symphony is seeking partners with expertise in the transition. 

 With over 85% of network equipment manufacturers (NEMs)  using TM500 for gNodeB (gNB) development, VIAVI test gear offers scalability, stability, performance and fidelity to 3GPP specifications as implemented in live networks.

Key features include:

  • Testing high numbers of 5G gNB carriers at system level
  • Testing high order MIMO and Carrier Aggregation features
  • Complex mobility, handover and I-RAT functionality between 4G and 5G
  • Testing thousands of UEs over multiple carriers
  • Testing Public Warning System (PWS) and link adaptation features.

 “We turned to VIAVI because of their expertise across lab validation, field deployment and service assurance of mobile networks,” says Rakuten’s Srinivas Gudladana,  “our Open vRAN architecture is designed to enable service providers to automate operations and monetize networks.@

“As vendors across the industry develop open, cloud-native and disaggregated architectures, precise testing against user expectations of service quality as well as 3GPP parameters is more critical than ever to ensure success at scale,” says VAVI vo Rajesh Rao.

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