TK Affordable Cult-Loved Products You Can Buy At Sephora

Even before I become a beauty editor, I knew the walls of Sephora like the back of my hand. (Yep, I’ve always been that obsessed with beauty.) And now, if pressed, I could probably name every single brand that’s sold at the retailer, in addition to each of said brand’s best-selling products. I’m well-versed, if I may.

Despite the influx of new formulas that hit the beauty market each week, there are certain products that will just go down in history as truly the best and most iconic, complete with devout cult followings. And, surprise, surprise, a large ratio of those products can be found at Sephora. Another, far more surprising fact? A huge helping of those products are actually startingly affordable and fall under the $40, $20, and even $10 mark in some cases. Intrigued yet?

I wanted to celebrate some of the industry’s most illustrious beauty icons—the products you can buy and try with full, 100% satisfaction guaranteed confidence—that also boast reasonable, bank account-friendly price tags. Of course, everyone’s definition of “affordable” is varied, but below, I’m sharing 20 A+ Sephora products that have rave reviews, mass followings, and an under $38 price tag. Keep scrolling! 

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