Meet the Female Perfumers Behind the All the Best Perfumes

French perfumer Calice Becker is behind some of the most memorable fragrances to date. I don’t think I’m solely speaking for myself when I say that I’m constantly lusting over Becker’s unique and deliciously sweet creations. Case in point, Kilian’s Love, Don’t Be Shy (the famous scent worn by Rihanna, herself). With notes of marshmallow, orange blossom, and vanilla absolute, it leans very sweet, but not in an overly saccharine way. Another fresh, floral, and fruity scent I can’t get enough of by Becker is Versace’s Dylan Blue Pour Femme. For me, it has the perfect amount of sweetness to it without smelling like something I would have worn in the sixth grade (you know what I’m talking about). Before concocting these lovely elixirs, Becker is even known for creating Dior J’Adore’s classic formula in 1999. 

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