Gabrielle Union And Zaya Wade Team Up To Discuss Toxic Beauty Advice

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It’s officially National Teen Self-Esteem Month and Gabrielle Union and Zaya Wade took to Instagram Live to discuss toxic beauty advice on social media and how teens can navigate it.

“We’ve all seen toxic beauty advice on social media and we think it’s time we ended it,” the actress and mom said. “If a post tells you, you’re not pretty enough,” she said, “unfollow” chimed in Zaya. “If someone says natural hair is ugly,” she continued, “mute,” said Zaya. “If you see anything that makes you feel like you’re not beautiful, simply remove it from your feed.”

The message stems from a partnership Zaya and Gabrielle have with the Dove Self-Esteem Project. The campaign is called #DetoxYourFeed and the goal is to inspire parents to speak with their teens about toxic beauty advice via social media. They want parents to encourage teens to hit the unfollow or mute button on content that causes them to feel negatively about themselves. It’s also to empower teens to define their own beauty and take control over the type of beauty advice they consume on social media. 

“We’ve identified a clear problem that is eroding the self-esteem of our girls and needs immediate attention and action. We created this #DetoxYourFeed campaign to not only raise awareness around the insidious nature of toxic beauty advice, but to also help parents navigate tough conversations and empower teens to unfollow content that makes them feel bad about themselves,” said Leandro Barreto, Global Vice President of Dove. “While it may be a bit overwhelming at times, we hope it will contribute to important conversations that lead to a more positive experience for teens on social media.”

The Dove Self-Esteem Project released a study focusing on the effects of social media on self-esteem for young girls. Findings tell us one in two girls attribute low-self esteem to harmful beauty advice they see on social media, and 71 percent of girls felt better after they unfollowed idealized beauty content. 

It’s important as parents that you talk to your kids about what they consume on social media and how they can manage any negative effects. The study found 80 percent of girls would like their parents to discuss idealized beauty advice they receive on social media and how to manage it with them. 

It’s encouraging to see Gabrielle having that conversation with Zaya and nurturing healthy self-esteem. 

“I won’t follow anyone into thinking I’m not beautiful,” Zaya said, “and we don’t want you to either.”


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