Did Jessie J just share that she never loved Channing Tatum?

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  • They went their separate ways in 2020.

    You’ll all remember when Jessie J and Channing Tatum got together a few years back.

    They first started dating in 2018 and took the Internet by storm, yet are thought to have split in 2020 after Jessie shared an Instagram post where she mentioned being “single.”

    While it’s been two years since they went their separate ways, they’ve both kept quiet about their relationship and why, exactly, they broke up.

    Until now, that is.

    Jessie appeared on the Diary of a CEO podcast recently with Steven Bartlett and was discussing past relationships, loves, and lessons learnt, during which the 34-year-old shared that she’s only ever been in love once.

    Rumours have been flying that she’s in a new relationship with basketball player Chanan Safir Colman (you can see on her Instagram that they’ve already been on holiday together) – which means the comment could indicate that she’s in love with Chanan and wasn’t, in fact, in love with Channing.

    When asked why, she simply replied: “Because I can actually see my life with that person and I’ve never had that before.”

    While she didn’t specifically name drop Channing in the interview, it appears that she’s implying that she never loved him and, similarly, never pictured her life with him in the long run.

    When the host pressed Jessie to open up more about this love and asked if it was recent, she said: “Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. Who knows?”

    “The truth is all we’re ever doing is going, ‘Is this love? Do you want to be with me? Are we going to get married? Can we live together? Would you take a bullet for me? Do I really want to meet your parents?’”

    When Jessie and Channing split in 2020, a source close to the couple confirmed that both wanted to part ways. Speaking to People, they shared: “They cared enough about each other to try again but realised it was better to move on. It’s totally amicable.”

    While she hasn’t officially confirmed her romance with Chanan just yet, she’s shared pictures of the couple on social media where his arm is around her waist.

    Whatever the answer, wishing both Jessie and Channing success in their future romances.

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