17 Perfumes Beauty Insiders Swear Are the Best

There would honestly be no better way for us to celebrate National Fragrance Day than by asking the beauty industry’s coolest people what their go-to fragrances are. To us, that meant picking the brains of the ultra-chic and refined team at luxury beauty retailer Violet Grey. The retailer has never steered me wrong when it comes to purchasing other beauty items like skincare and hair care. After all, each beauty product sold on the platform is vetted by experts from all walks of the industry and at least 70% of them have to deem it worthy of purchase before it hits the shelves.

I’d say that’s a trustworthy curation process and you can rest easy knowing the scents its staff has selected are note-worthy. To round out their wonderful picks, I’ve included a few that we beauty editors can’t stop wearing either. Not that we think we’re anywhere near the coolest people in the industry, but we do spend plenty of time talking about it and hope you vibe with our most-treasured scents, too. Keep scrolling and celebrate by curating your own new signature scent from the list below.

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